Wisteria Florals

About the Project

Wisteria Florals specializes in creating incredible floral arrangements for a variety of occasions. Here's how we addressed their audience.

  • Being the most lucrative type of event, we specifically targeted people planning weddings. We used bridal photos throughout the site and created a descriptive page for weddings.
  • The website needed to make use of Wisteria's vast collection of client photos wherever possible.
  • We needed multiple galleries that were easily editable. Photos are a key selling tool when it comes to florals.

The Result

The end product was a stunning union of modern design and floral photos.

Wisteria Florals website screenshot

Weddings Page

Potential clients love seeing photos of Wisteria's work. Beyond highlighting some of the best photos, we created multiple galleries to categorize the rest.

Wisteria Florals weddings page screenshot