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"Adam is one of the rare people who can take a germ of an idea and return a few weeks later with a fully realized site mock-up. He was so confident in his first attempt, that he didn't bring mock-ups for me to rule-out; just the one great design that was left after he had internally ruled-out everything else. It was clear from my first glance at the initial presentation that a lot of care had been put into its design. Every conversation or email demonstrated that he had listened to and integrated my input. Even after the project had been deployed, he continued to refine the site's performance. If you're looking for an eager perfectionist, I highly recommend Adam and DC Web Marketing."
Photo of Nathan Work
Nathan Work, Owner

About the Project

As a growing IT company, Work Consultants needed a web presence as soon as possible that would showcase their track record of success in consulting. When we set out to bring Nathan's company online, there were a few factors that we had to consider.

  • The Work Consultants brand was fairly underdeveloped. This gave us a lot of freedom with the website. We decided to keep the current format of the logo, only making minor changes.
  • Nathan had a ton of blog posts already present on another platform. We were able to migrate all of these automatically into his new site. We even set up the site so he can still add and manage posts without reaching out to us!
  • We needed to compress a lot of information about Work Consultants's array of services into a clean, digestible format.
  • A diagram needed to be designed to illustrate Nathan's Nightly Disaster Recovery service.

The Result

We think the final product speaks for itself.

Work Consultants website screenshot

Diagram Graphic

Finally, we needed a diagram for Work Consultants's Nightly Disaster Recovery service. It was critical to make this complex process as comprehensive as possible. We took a few of Nathan's sketches and turned them into something perfect for potential customers.

Work Consultants disaster recovery diagram